environmental friendly

In today's world, food waste disposers can be considered an environmental appliance, Amiga provide a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to transporting leftovers to landfills. Plus, capable wastewater treatment plants can even recycle food scraps into energy and fertilizer.

quickly simply

Food waste disposers are devices that are easily fitted under the kitchen sink. They quickly and simply grind kitchen food waste into miniscule particles (less than 2mm) and flush them into the waste water system, to be treated with the rest of the sewage.

*30-Days Free Trial

Amiga Food waste disposer Offer amazing 30 day free trial *Terms and Conditions Apply. (Limited Time ONLY)

garbage disposable

Kitchen garbage disposable by Amiga disposer are Leftovers, leaves & stalks of vegetable, fish bones, melon rinds, fruit pits, small pieces of corn-cob, chicken bones, eggshell, prawn shells, tea dust, coffee grounds, etc.

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Video Showcase

    1-0 Blockage problem

    Blockage problem always happen in our kitchen sink..

    1-1 After install Amiga

    After install amiga Food Waste Disposer, can quickly and simply grind food waste into miniscule particles.

    1-2 Fill the tank

    Turn on the tap to half fill the tank, switch on the disposal unit to flush drain pipe thoroughly.

    Steps to operate

    Easy steps to operate Amiga Food Waste Disposer.

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